# 10 - Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Brand! Guest: Deb Taylor

Episode #10 - Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Brand!
Guest: Deborah Taylor


That important presentation? Let’s get started with it first thing tomorrow morning! Calling the prospect and talking about the proposal? Let me get my website finished first in case they check it out. 😂

The FB Live that I wanted to do today? I think I need to postpone it because I am having a headache.

Oops. Can you relate?🤔

Yes, Mrs. Procrastination, here we are! Sneaking into your day and doing a bit of “business self-sabotage”. One day at a time! 🙈

👉 If this sounds familiar… you will enjoy this week’s Brandcast. I invited Deborah Taylor to chat with me about “How to get out of your head and into your brand.” Because you can’t build a successful authentic brand and business if you are constantly in procrastination mode.

Deborah is a Hypnotherapist and author of the book “How to be a finisher!” 27 Proven Strategies to Overcome Procrastination from the Inside Out. By the end of this Brandcast, you will know:

👉 How society is conditioned to fit in and be like everyone else!
👉 Why you can’t build a successful brand when you are in overthinking mode!
👉 How to become a good mentor for your brain!
👉 Three practical strategies to overcome procrastination that you can apply right now!
👉 The 17 layers of procrastination including the not-so-obvious signs that might surprise you!


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