Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


You Started Your Business for a Reason!

Creating Your Aligned Brand will Catapult it to the Next Level!


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


You Started Your Business for a Reason!

Creating Your Aligned Brand will Catapult it to the Next Level!



Every successful brand has a story of origin. Grab yourself a copy of our proven 10-step blueprint to creating your YOUthentic story as a cornerstone of your in-demand brand. This includes a Trello board, fillable worksheets, and video guide.

 You were born to be bold and help others to shine.

But something isn’t working.
Marketing feels draining.
You are not getting the results you want. 

Why? - Because you’re not building a YOUthentic business.

Typical signs you’re not living a YOUthentic business life:

  • You are not getting traction with your business. You are an expert in your field, but you feel unheard. Potential prospects don’t get it. You have a unique point of view, but people are not connecting with your message.
  • You suffer “marketing shame.” Your online presence doesn’t reflect the quality of your work. You know what you want - but how the heck are you supposed to express it?
  • You watch other successful businesses from the safety of a screen re-sharing a post here and there or adding a ‘like’ if you feel especially bold.
  • The gurus say you need to be authentic online - but you feel stuck in your head, thinking about the right words to say.
  • You feel frustrated because you could do a better job than others that brag about their clients and share success stories on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Your design is all over the place. Every social media post looks different, and there is a lack of consistency.
  • You might have taken marketing masterclasses, funnel webinars, and tried bulletproof social media hacks, but rather than feeling confident in promoting your services, you feel stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
  • Something is missing... But you don’t know what it is.

Sounds familiar? 

Here is the #truth

Your brand needs help! Because what you do doesn’t align with who you are.

The hardest thing to do - especially as a service-based entrepreneur - is to talk about ourselves in a way that sets us apart from others. And that connects with our ideal clients so they want to work with us. (Instead of us asking to work with them.)

It’s like being unable to read the label on a jar because you are sitting inside it. You are just too close to it.

It’s frustrating. You know that your service could help so many people, but you can’t move forward and get the traction you need because you are thinking in circles. And if you do that for too long, you lose your confidence. It might seem that everyone else has it all figured out – Except you.

These thoughts are BS. You need to connect with your inner GENIE and clarify your unique message, irresistible offer, and professional design. So you can show up with confidence and let the right people connect with you. This is exactly why we created the YOUthentic Brand Method.

Work with us!

Depending on your needs and budget we can work with you individually or you can join our branding program

We know too well that as a creative and heart-centered high-achiever you might have a bucket of great ideas. But chances are that overthinking and perfectionism keep getting you stuck. The results might be that you are not showing up online and you know that it’s starting to cost you. 

If this is you the first thing you need is clarity. We recommend starting with a BRAND FOCUS Session. Once we have gained clarity on your brand strategy, you can either start implementing on your own or book a BRAND PROFIT INTENSIVE where we create your entire YOUthentic for you.
Learn more about our framework here.


The purpose of this session is for you to gain clarity. What is working, where are the roadblocks and why? What is your unique point of view and how can you position yourself as a leader in your niche. Based on our 3 Pillar Branding Framework we look at your personal experience, your story, what you stand for, your deeper purpose, and your message - so you can show up bold and courageous. 

  • Pre-work to complete before the session
  • 1.5-hour session hosted on Zoom
  • Recording of the session to keep
  • 1-week email support after the session
  • Review of your online presence
  • Next steps and recommendations to building your brand and marketing strategy 
Book Now $397


After gaining clarity with our Brand Focus Session, it's time to connect with the right people and get paid what you’re worth. With our YOUthentic Brand Profit Intensive, we build your entire brand, from developing the strategy & message through designing and building your website and social media assets.
Your entire brand in one week.  (No kidding.)

  • Pre-work to complete before the session
  • 2 half-day sessions hosted on Zoom
  • Your Complete website
  • Your Branding Guide
  • Social Media assets

Pricing to be identified after Brand Focus Session

Inquire your Brand Profit IntenseĀ 

YOUthentic Branding Bootcamp
'Group Program'

Become unstoppable and get fully booked with your dream clients by building a standout brand that feels like YOU.
Show up with joy and confidence without getting distracted by flashy marketing trends or your competition.

  • This is an 8-week fast-track branding program for introverts, overthinkers, and perfectionists that are done wasting their time on the sidelines because they know that they are meant for much bigger things.

  • Next Branding Bootcamp starting in November 2021.

To learn more or sign-up click the button below. 

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Entrepreneurs who show up courageously!

From not having an online presence to really defining my audience and having a fresh brand

I really appreciated that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and define who I am as an entrepreneur and really define my audience. I now have a wonderful website and brand that speaks my truth and talks to the people I want to connect with. I can now grow my email list. I really didn’t know how to set this all up or what tools were available. They have it all done for me.  I am just thrilled. 

Myla Trenchuk | Mindset and Success Coach

From DIY website overwhelmed to feeling confident and having a really professional version of me online

Kerstin really helped me shift my focus from “this website is about me to this website is about my clients”. She just came at it with a really strong understanding of marketing and helped me tailor my writing, my questions and the content so that my client feel well served. I feel confident now and my business has now legitimacy. If someone is looking for me online they will find a really professional version of me.

Tanya Collard | Clarity Art Consulting

From feeling stuck and wasting money to having an offer focused website and excellent customer experience

I finally feel understood. Previous designers made conclusions. I wish I would have hired HeuerDesign sooner because it would have probably saved me $100,000 on website costs. I now have an offer focused website and excellent customer experience. They go through all the right steps at the right time and it really speaks to them.

Marie Gervais | Shift Management

From here, you have two options:

1. Do Nothing

You do nothing and try to figure things out on your own. Watch a few more webinars, masterclasses and try some fancy funnels. Trust us; we’ve been there.

But nothing can change if you change nothing.

So the real question is - how much money do you lose every month by not going full in, being YOUthentic, and creating the business of your dreams?


2. Decide to become YOUthentic

Want to step into your superpower, feel aligned with what you do, earn what you are worth, and help others with your services?

Your time is now! 

You have to put some skin in the game. Because being YOUthentic takes some guts. YOUthentic brands are brave leaders in their space - which means they are loved by some but misunderstood or disliked by others. 

They stand up for what they believe in because they know that their gift can change people’s life.

Registry Open for Branding Bootcamp

Are you ready to become Unstoppable?

Stop spinning around. Stop overworking, undercharging, playing small, and staying hidden. The world needs your genius and they’re willing to pay for it.

RIGHT NOW, more than any time in the history of online business is the BEST TIME to start growing your business.

Why would you wait to help more people? Why would you delay making a greater impact? 

Don't waste another day like a couple whose names will be unnamed.

Gandhi said, “BE the change you want to see in the World.”

Well, it applies to us, too. BE the change you want to see in your business.

Who will you BE? And when?

Your time is now.

Own your YOUthentic self and help others to shine their light. 
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