Hey, nice to meet You!

We are Kerstin and Dirk!

If you’re anything like us, you know the drill...

Collecting courses and masterclasses, looking for the missing piece. Rushing through the programs without going all-in.

“I don’t have enough time!” becomes a constant excuse. (Or the kids or the dogs or the housework or....)

So you stop going deep… and focus instead on the next thing you have to do, and the next thing.

For us, that meant serving any client that came along. Logos, brochures, websites, videos, Facebook ads—you name it, we did it.
Then, when Kerstin’s father died during COVID - and we couldn’t visit him or go to the funeral— we woke up.

Life is too short to waste your time trying to do everything for everyone.

Or to spin your wheels, thinking that even though “doing it yourself” never worked before, it’s going to work THIS time -because THIS time is DIFFERENT.

Here’s what we learned the hard way:
“This time” is rarely different.

(We learned THAT the day we found some 5-year-old notes on where we wanted to go with our business…
and realized that, nearly 2,000 days later, we were still in the same place.)

So we did what we should have done all along - and what we’ll help you do with your own business.
We got quiet. Finally listened to that inner voice that said the world deserved more than we were giving it.

And shifted to delivering something more meaningful. 

You can’t build a successful brand when you feel that what you’re saying isn’t true. Because your inner self will always “call bullshit.”

And all the best marketing strategies, social media tactics, Facebook ads, and funnels?

They won’t get you anywhere if the key ingredient is missing: YOU.

You don’t need another course. Another program. Another freelancer to do X, Y, or Z.

Creating an aligned brand is the only way to connect with your inner why, and trust that you’re the best person in the universe to help your clients.

And then let them know, so they beg to do business with you. (Not the other way around.

That’s why we created the Unique Marketing Blueprint.

And that is why we help “eurs” (coach preneuers, consultant preneurs, soloprenuers, couplepreneurs, expert preneurs, well you get the idea) to build aligned brands so they can show up with joy and unstoppable confidence. Without getting distracted by flashy marketing trends.



Because we realized that the only real way to enable transformative business growth…
Is to help you be... YOU.



Ready to get YOUthentic and BE the face of your business?

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