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Top Business Predictions for 2024 and Beyond!

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The Force of 9 - Replay


The new energy on our planet is changing the way we do business dramatically!
Here's what’s going on!

After nearly 20 years, Period 8 in Feng Shui is coming to an end. During this time, we saw the following aspects, particularly boosted by the Earth element:

  • Young men achieved success more rapidly

  • Wild growth in Real Estate and Property Values

  • The construction industry was booming.

  • Young people led significant global movements 

Period 8 represents the Earth element, which is associated with characteristics such as stability, structure, and grounding.

However, you might have noticed a shift in energy. Perhaps you feel bored seeing the same content on social media. Marketing tactics and strategies that were effective and delivered results a few years back now don’t bring the desired results anymore.

What you can expect in 2024

In February 2024, Period 9 with the Element of Fire will take over.

  • Find out what this new energy of FIRE means for you as an entrepreneur and what foundation you need to build right now to grow your business!
  • If you're a spiritual entrepreneur who knows that the energy around you influences the way you do business, this is for you.
  • This replay shows you exactly what you can expect and what to do to prepare yourself and your business for the big shift so you will be the one leading the change.

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Meet Kerstin

As an Intuitive Brand Strategist, Visionary, Change Maker, and Creative Entrepreneur, her passion lies at the intersection of branding and transformation.

With a rich international experience of 30 years in branding and marketing, she brings a depth of expertise and a global perspective to every venture. 

As the Creative Director and Co-founder of YOUthentic Branding, Kerstin has consistently pushed the boundaries of conventional branding, carving out unique identities that resonate deeply and authentically.