#9 - Building Your Most Successful Brand by Knowing Your Human Design! Guest: Andrea Niño de Guzman

Episode #9: Building Your Most Successful Brand by Knowing Your Human Design!
Guest: Andrea Niño de Guzman

✔️ You have done all the things that you think you should do. 

✔️ Followed strategies and plans that the gurus said will work for everyone even if… 🤯 (Sure… 😂). 

✔️ Attended high ticket programs to dive really deep and get top-notch advice!

✔️ Showed up on social media somewhat consistently. 

❌ But still... You are not making the progress you want. 

❌ You are moving forward at snail speed.

❌ Things feel rather draining and you are wondering !@$%#!

❓ What else should I do???

 👉 If this sounds familiar… Then my friend I have the best news for you! 

In this week's episode of the YOUthentic Brandcast, I have the amazing Andrea Niño de Guzman as a guest and we talk about all things Human Design. Specifically, we dive into ‘how to build your brand and marketing strategy that is fully aligned with who you are so that building a successful business is in flow and at ease!’  

(No way? 🤔 Yes way! 🥳) 


By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ What is Human Design and how can it help you to create an amazingly successful business with ease!

✔️ Why not all advice that we receive from Top Coaches and Consultants work for us even it’s supposed to work 100%

✔️ Why niching down might keep you stuck instead of setting you up for success!

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