#8 - How to stand out without saying [email protected]#%, [email protected]#!, and all that other S&%$! Guest: Aaron Wrixon

Episode #8: How to stand out without saying [email protected]#%, [email protected]#!, and all that other S&%$ 
Our Guest: Aaron Wrixon

I am not gonna lie! Getting noticed is not the easiest thing to do in an overcrowded and noisy online space! 🤡

Some people use [email protected]#%, [email protected]#!, and all that other S&%$ to get people to listen! If Gary V does it, it's probably legit, right?

But is it really authentic? To you and the service you offer?🙀

Does it really attract the people you want to work with? 🤔

If you are wondering how to be seen and heard, and connect with your dream clients while staying true to yourself then this is the session you might want to tune in to! 💃 Join Kerstin Heuer and Aaron Wrixon for this episode when we talk about finding your authentic brand voice.

Aaron Wrixon is a genius when it comes to writing authentic copy that not only converts but expresses your personality in an authentic way. He has been paid for writing over 7 million words and has written for more than 120 different industries across the English-speaking world. 

By the end of this episode you will have learned:

👉 How to find your brand voice without saying [email protected]#%, [email protected]#!, and All That Other S&%$

👉 The difference between brand tone and brand voice and how to use it in emails, social media, and on your website!

👉 How knowing your archetypes helps you to show up in an authentic way!

What the [email protected]#% are you waiting for? (just kidding...) 😂


By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ Why swearwords don’t help you to stand out. 

✔️ The Toni Robbins technique and why it’s turning people off!

✔️ The authentic way to stand out: Your brand voice and brand tone.

✔️ The secret of using four dimensions of brand voice

✔️ The best way to connect with your readers

✔️ What are brand archetypes and to use them to find your authentic brand voice

✔️ How to get into other people's heads?

✔️ The #1 rule everyone must follow to persuade a reader 

✔️ The only reason we write for the web

✔️ Aarons new book release and Amazon Best Seller: 60 days to LinkedIn Mastery


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