#6 - How to ask for what you want - And receive it! Guest: Astrid Teigaas

Episode #6 How to ask for what you want - And receive it! 
Guest: Astrid Teigaas 

Raise your hand ✋if you have ever been in a situation where you wanted to ask for a high ticket price for your service but then didn't because you thought that the potential client wouldn't pay that much for it!

I am raising both ✋✋ right here and now! 😂 But here is the thing: By doing that we are actually attracting exactly those clients who wouldn't pay that price. Say what?

And it all starts with a negotiation that we have in our mind before even entering the conversation with a client about it. 🤔

Bonjour, Mme Sabotage! What were you thinking? 🤪 I had no clue that my mind would do that to me - until I met Astrid Teigaas. Astrid is a negotiation teacher and coach and I am absolutely excited to have her on our show! Tune in to this episode when Kerstin Heuer chats with her guest about “How to ask for what you want! And receive it.”

At the end of our 20ish minutes' chat, you will have learned:

👉 A simple 3 step strategy on how to successfully negotiate
👉 Why you are doing your client a disservice when you don't ask for your dream price
👉 Why it is not a bad thing to get a NO

✔️ The first person you negotiate with is yourself
✔️ How to negotiate based on market value
✔️ Why questioning your own service leads to finding people the wrong people
✔️ 3 Steps to get out of the inner negotiation cycle
✔️ What it means to get a No
✔️ The trap of making pricing assumptions
✔️ The universal referral system
✔️ How to work with Astrid

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