#5 - How much personality do you need to build your brand? Guest: Jenni Morian

 #5 - How much personality do you need to build your brand?
Our Guest: Jenni Morian

What happens when you bring a Hypnotist and a Brand Cheerleader together? 🙈

And how much personality do you need to build your brand? 🤩

We talk about:

✔️ What makes people really decide to work with you?
✔️ How to show up authentically without losing it!
✔️ The moment when Jenni decided to intentionally build her brand!


✔️ How you can go from being overwhelmed to calm in 7 minutes!

Well, we will chat about more and might laugh 😅 until we pee our pants but that you won't notice.🙈

Let's get branded.

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