#4 - Wake the Creative Within! Guest: Kia Abrera

Episode #4 - Wake the Creative Within!
Guest: Kia Abrera

I think this is one of the toughest things as an entrepreneur: Creating something exciting and new that people really want or want to be part of! No matter if it's a new service or a product! It's one thing to have great ideas but another to execute those ideas, learn from your failures, get up again and create something amazing based on what you have learned. Join me this week when Kia Alvarez-Abrera and I chat about "How to create a standout brand in a world where everything already exists!"

By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ Why do we have to be brave to create? (Rather pursue a formula than try something new, every time we suggest something new, people. Those who are brave enough, bold enough to create something new that is authentic to them. Everyone is creative but we are not brave enough to pursue it
✔️ What can people do to take brave ideas and create something that is worthwhile sharing? (Not a lot of people tell you how to be brave. Look for your next doable step. Risk small. After the first hurdle go to the next doable step. You are being brave but are also practical.
✔️ Coaching program example,
✔️ Why big hurdles intimidate us, the power of the next doable step
✔️ The Be Do Have Model
✔️ How can even non-creative people be creative!
✔️ What is creativity?
✔️ How can we help other entrepreneurs, clear understanding as a person and a brand. You are not sure how this applies to you.
✔️ Why clarity on your brand and who you are
✔️ Be clear about what you stand against.

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