#3 - Skyrocket Your Brand By Releasing Trapped Emotions! Guest: Gina Hansen

Episode #3 - Skyrocket Your Brand By Releasing Trapped Emotions!
Our Guest: Gina Hansen

What if I told you that you have trapped emotions that hinder you from reaching the next level in your business? 🤔 Wait! What? How can emotions be trapped? 

To be honest with you, I had absolutely no clue that something like trapped emotions even exists, not to mention that they can be the reason for not having success in business. 

Until I met Gina Hansen!

Watch Gina Hansen and Kerstin Heuer in this episode of the YOUthentic Brandcast. By the end of this Brandcast you will know how releasing trapped emotions enables us to show up with joy as the best version of ourselves so we can build a business and life we love.

By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ What are trapped emotions and how do they hinder us?

✔️ How can we release something that we are not aware of or can’t see?

✔️ How energy can create layers around our heart and hinder us from being authentic and building relationships in business and life 

✔️ How releasing trapped emotional energies like shame, guilt, frustration help us to show up as our true self and attract the right people

✔️ Kerstin’s confession about releasing her own trapped emotions

✔️ Gina’s Story of healing her own body from depression and cancer

✔️ The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson; How Heartwalls build up and affect relationships in business and life

✔️ Emotional money blocks and how they hinder us from attracting more money in our life? 

✔️ How building connections with energetic aligned people help to expand Gina’s business

✔️ Why marketing, systems, and automation don't work and inner branding needs to be the first step to build an authentic and successful brand 

✔️ How can we find out if we have any trapped emotions that are holding us back? 

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