#1 - Building a Personal Brand Ain't For Sissies! Guest: Elisabeth Pickle

Episode #1 - Building a Personal Brand Ain't For Sissies!
A Fearless Branding Chat with Elisabeth Pickle @Mindful Counsel

Super pumped to have Elisabeth Pickle with Mindful Counsel on our YOUthentic Branding Show today. Find out how this trademark attorney went from 0 to 30,000 followers on TikTok in less than a year by being fearlessly authentic!
And... is this marketing tactic really creating solid leads for her business?
We also chat about all things trademark: As a service-based business, do I, should I, or why would I register my brand or framework as a trademark and all the nitty-gritty things that come with it.

What Kerstin Heuer really found out: Why in the world did Elisabeth Pickle with Mindful Counsel choose to grow her brand on TikTok? She definitely went against the industry norm with that one. Kerstin has been stalking Elisabeth on TikTok for a few months and she grew her brand from 0 to 30,000 followers in less than a year!
Hello, fearless, what's the secret behind that one, and is it even worth it?
We hope this branding chat inspires you to show up authentically as you in your business.
Let's get branded! 

By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ How to protect your brand?
✔️ What are the risks of not protecting your brand with a trademark?
✔️ Why do you want to protect your brand with a trademark?
✔️ What is the difference between patents, trademarks and copyright?
✔️ How to protect my course content?
✔️ How Elisabeth’s videos went viral on TikTok as Attorney
✔️ Is TikTok a marketing channel that generates qualified leads?
✔️ The steps Elisabeth to re-brand and show up authentically!
✔️ The real story behind Mindful Counsel!
✔️ What it comes down to!
✔️ What being authentic really means

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