#2 - How to Stop Trying to be Perfect and Setting Healthy Boundaries to Grow Your Business! Guest: Karla Hunt

Episode #2 How to Stop Trying to be Perfect and Setting Healthy Boundaries to Grow Your Business
Guest: Karla Hunt

Raise your hand if you are a perfectionist! (Raising two hands and both feet here…). 👣✋✋

But let's be honest here. Is that “getting it 100%” right or even 150% really gonna cut it? Could it be that only WE think it needs to be better? My former boss used to say “the Best is the enemy of the Good”. And of course, it doesn’t end here. Because there is more to life than just work. But how can we create a healthy balance? Without sacrificing our success in business or personal life?

Welcome Karla Hunt as our guest today. Karla helps entrepreneurs to achieve success without sacrifice so they can create a life of ease, freedom, and financial security. 

By the end of this Brandcast you will know:

✔️ How to create a business you love without sacrificing your health!

✔️ What tools and techniques to apply to set healthy boundaries and still get the success you want!

✔️ Karla’s inspiring story and what we can learn from it

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