Unlock Your Brand Codes

As a conscious entrepreneur, you know your services and products have the power to change the trajectory of people's lives and the planet. But without a strong brand, your extraordinary business operates in secret. 

Perhaps you’ve — 




Invested a lot of time [and money] following the “industry rules”, applying the marketing and messaging experts' advice. And now your business doesn’t even feel like your own anymore.




Outgrown the initial vision you had for your business, and know at your core it’s time for a radical rebrand.




You are playing it safe. Your message and visual brand aren’t unique and don’t reflect who you truly are. You are no longer willing to compromise your truth. You know that you are here to execute a bigger vision and are ready to activate the next version of yourself. 


We know it can be uncomfortable to not just show up online but alsoshare your unique message and truly stand behind your service

What will people think? The fear of rejection can be huge so many business owners make the mistake of hiding in the backroom, focusing on everything but their branding. 

But the stronger your brand, the healthier your business. 

I Want to Unlock my Brand Codes

How would your business change if...


… knowing and being able to visualize what possibilities are available for you right now to create that next level in your business.  

… feeling free from all your “shoulds” and not relying on any marketing trends? 

holding an instant reputation and authority in your industry and having soul clients in your DM wanting to work with you?  

being seen for who you are. Instantly. And attracting your soulmate clients into your world without fear of rejection - and getting paid for it. 

waking up with clarity on what to post and feeling excited to go live and share your unique perspective and talk about your service. 

… being able to easily articulate your service so people get you and want to work with you. 

… finally not being distracted by scrolling through the IG feed looking for ideas because you feel grounded with your message and your unique brand voice.

having fun marketing your business, writing your posts, or going live.

The secret to a brand that accomplishes ALL OF THIS lies in unlocking your unique brand codes.

When we unlock your brand codes, you are dialed in. 

There is no room for comparison and imposter syndrome.

You will feel so grounded in your mission that nothing can stop you. 

Everything you share becomes an energetic code that connects deeply with your people.

They feel you immediately. They want what you have to offer.

Unlock Your Brand Codes is a 5-Day 1:1 Intensive that will anchor you deeply into your unique brand identity so you can attract and activate the right people that are meant to work with you.

We created this Intensive for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to speak their truth and transform people's lives with their service. 

The possibilities are infinite when you craft a brand that reflects the heart and soul of your business. 

We know many business owners feel like getting found by the right clients (or any clients) isn’t easy. And it’s tempting to think the solution lies in just posting more often or whipping up some flashy graphics. But honestly, that just creates more work. And it can harm your reputation and create confusion for your clients if you haven’t done the deeper work to build a soul brand. 

Look at the businesses that have not only survived and thrived through tough economic times. It’s because of their extraordinary brand and reputation that they stood strong while the businesses around them collapsed. 

When you unlock your brand codes, you can transmit your company’s vision, mission, perspective, and potent solutions to the outside world. Your brand activates your people. It fortifies your reputation and is like a beacon of light constantly attracting new clients to you.

Unlock Your Brand Codes Now!

Ready to Unlock Your Brand Codes

During this 5-Day Intensive we will: 

Decode your brand identity, soul message, and unique communication style based on your unique Human Design so creating content becomes easy and your people feel you immediately.


Create a brand strategy and vision based on your unique Brand Codes, that position you clearly in the market and differentiate you from others making it crystal clear to clients why they need your services.


Define your brand personality and character archetype, so that every touchpoint (no matter if it’s your website, social media, or email conversation) doesn't lose the vibe of your brand.

Hone your Core MessagesCraft a Brand Story + Captivating Social Media Bio that creates an instant connection with the clients who are ready to buy now while creating a powerful context for the products and services you sell.

Why knowing Your Brand Codes is so important! 

Knowing your Brand Codes is so important because we eliminate any guesswork while highlighting the soul of your business. We’re able to pinpoint your unique strengths and positioning within the first Zoom call together. And our clients always tell us how seen and relieved they feel within the first few minutes of speaking with us.

We don’t do carbon copy branding or follow the trends. Instead, we unlock your individual Branding Codes based on your Human Design blueprint and use them to craft a brand that creates an Instant Reputation with your audience. This allows your soul clients to feel the heart of your business within seconds. We dial in your communication style, brand personality traits, and soul message, which are the potent seeds that set the foundation for your programs and offers. We leverage your light into a brand that is instantly felt.

This is how we do it!

We kick off the Intensive with a 60 min ZOOM call, followed by five days of Voxer (voice messaging). This is a done-with-you service where we work intensely together so you have your unique branding codes at the end as a concise, downloadable document.

The first step is to make your payment. Once that’s complete, you can book your day & time for our first call. To hit the ground running, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire so we can capture current challenges, roadblocks, and desires. You’ll also be asked to provide your birth date, time (hours & minutes), and birth location in order for us to pull your Human Design chart.

We can’t wait to unlock your brand codes! 

Unlock Your Brand Codes Now!


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Who are we?

Hey, we are Kerstin + Dirk!

Together, we have a combined over 50 years of international branding and marketing experience and have worked with companies like Mercedes Benz, Kraft Foods, and NEC. But our passion lies in helping ethical businesses and conscious entrepreneurs make a big impact with their soul brand.