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Our Brand-2-Profit Intensive is designed for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential fast by working with us in a Think Tank-style group program to create their energetically aligned brand.


Don’t Want To Wait For The Next Group Program?
Work with us 1-on-1 and Get Your Entire Brand Created in 2 Weeks!

Victoriously You!
Your Entire Brand in 2 Weeks!

Our Brand-2-Profit Intensive is designed for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential fast by working with us 1-on-1 to create an energetically aligned brand.

Claim Your Uniqueness

Know What to Say

Sell With Ease

In a world where guru-approved marketing strategies, funnels, automations, and insta-dance-moves have become a commodity it's time to activate your #1 crazy-best-trust-building selling factor: YOU!

Because when everything is comparable it’s your energy and personality that makes the sale. In short, your personal brand.

We build your entire brand, by developing your unique signature offer, brand strategy & messaging ecosystem as well as creating your website, social media assets and branding style guide. You will be able to talk about what you do with joy and unstoppable confidence because you have a kick-ass offer and brand that gets people excited to buy from you. 

“Sounds great” you say, but how does it work?

Step 1: Claim Your Uniqueness

The first week is focused on building your inner brand: Your vision, deeper purpose, values, brand story, brand personality, unique perspective, and positioning.
This work is focused on aligning who you are with your bigger purpose and how you see the world! 

Step 2: Know What to Say

By becoming crystal clear on whom you serve and what problem you solve we will be creating your messaging ecosystem and signature offer. Your signature offer and process are what make your service unique and move people from understanding to taking action. Your messages are fundamental for everything you share on social media. We will create connection messages, transformation messages, call to action, and unique story messages.

Step 3: Sell With Ease

It’s time to shine! We create your logo and brand guidelines, build your client-focused and authentic website based on your energetic aligned color scheme, and design ready-to-use social media templates in CANVA for you. Your website will be tailored to your unique needs, focused on making you the #1 choice for your clients. This includes basic SEO, so you’ve got your must-have tech covered.


Your Investment? Starts at US $7,000

Payment from your Brand Kickstart will be applied to the investment.

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