UNLOCK Your Brand Codes

Unlock your Brand Codes is a 5-Day 1:1 Intensive that will anchor you deeply into your unique brand codes so you can attract and activate the right people that are meant to work with you without relying on ever changing marketing trends.

We created this Intensive for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to speak their truth and transform people's lives with their service. 

The possibilities are infinite when you craft a brand that reflects the heart and soul of your business. 

We know many business owners feel like getting found by the right clients (or any clients) isn’t easy. And it’s tempting to think the solution lies in just posting more often or whipping up some flashy graphics. But honestly, that just creates more work. And it can harm your reputation and create confusion for your clients if you haven’t done the deeper work to build a soul brand. 

Look at the businesses that have not only survived and thrived through tough economic times. It’s because of their extraordinary brand and reputation that they stood strong while the businesses around them collapsed. 

When you unlock your brand codes, you can transmit your company’s vision, mission, perspective, and potent solutions to the outside world. Your brand activates your people. It fortifies your reputation and is like a beacon of light constantly attracting new clients to you. 

Ready to Unlock Your Brand Codes

During the 5-Day Intensive, we will: 

  • Decode your brand identity, soul message, and unique communication style based on your unique Human Design so creating content becomes easy and your people feel you immediately.

  • Create a brand strategy and vision based on your unique Brand Codes, that position you clearly in the market and differentiate you from others making it crystal clear to clients why they need your services.

  • Define your brand personality and character archetype, so that every touchpoint (no matter if it’s your website, social media, or email conversation) doesn't lose the vibe of your brand.

  • Hone your Core MessagesCraft a Brand Story + Captivating Social Media Bio that creates an instant connection with the clients who are ready to buy now while creating a powerful context for the products and services you sell.


Are you the right fit?

Unlock Your Brand Codes is for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to take action. You have to be willing to do the work with us. This is a done-with-you service,  and will work very intensively together to unlock your brand codes and develop a brand that will get people to want more of you!

This is how we do it!

We kick off this Intensive with a 90-min ZOOM call, followed by 5 days of VOXER support (voice messaging). This is a done-with-you service where we work intensely together so you have your unique branding codes at the end as a concise, downloadable document.

The first step is to make your payment. Once that’s complete, you can book your day & time for our first call. To hit the ground running, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire so we can capture current challenges, roadblocks, and desires. You’ll also be asked to provide your birth date, time (hours & minutes), and birth location in order for us to pull your Human Design chart.

We can’t wait to unlock your brand codes!

Not sure if Unlock Your Brand Codes is right for you?  Let’s hop on a brief discovery call.





What People Are Saying:

Kerstin told me the exact words that I need to use in my marketing and sales copy. Kerstin just unlocked a huge part of my brand in one session and taught me what to speak about to attract my best fit clients. You have no idea how much time and money you will be saving by taking the guesswork out of your game. I am blown away. I always thought that finding the right marketing strategies required a lot of research and getting taught by mentors. I found out that I have my own unique way to market to my people that doesn't have to fit into somebody else’s strategy. Kerstin not only showed me how I have been intuitively magnetic in my brand, but I now know exactly what it is that makes me so magnetic in my business. I no longer have to waste a lot of time thinking about what words to use in Instagram stories, captions, or website sales copy. I feel so much joy because everything feels even more effortless.

Trupti Karjinni | Manifestation Mentor

$777.00 USD

After you have finalized the payment process you will be forwarded to a page where you can schedule your personal ACTIVATE Your Soul-Brand. Please Note/ Important:

Please provide your Date of Birth, Hours & Minutes, Birth Location so we can create your Human Design chart.

By finalizing your registration you confirm that you agree to our terms.
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