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(without being distracted by flashy marketing trends or the competition)

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Before we dive into the details of this groundbreaking Brand 2 Profit Intensive program,
let's chat about who this is really for…

You are a heart-centered entrepreneur with a big vision who is tired of spending too much time and money on learning the latest social media tricks and flashy marketing trends without seeing real results. You are ready to build a business that is future-proof, allows you to help more people while making a lot more money without feeling stressed!

Whether you are a ...

Coach or Consultant 

Ready for the next level in your business - expanding your team and scaling your service.


with a service-based business that might feel stuck and unsure how to find clients without working nights and days and wasting hours on social media.

Course Creator

who wants to sell a signature program but feels tired of constantly promoting a launch and not being sure what tactics work best.

If this is you, you’re at the right place.

Imagine yourself getting up in the morning full of joy and excitement. You check your emails and just received an invitation to be interviewed at one of the leading podcasts in your niche. A big smile appears on your face. 

Gone are the times when you were constantly questioning yourself and didn’t know what to post online. Creating content for social media is a breeze now because you finally have a message that resonates with people and a strategy in place. 

Finally, the time of comparing yourself with others is over. You know exactly what you stand for and why you do what you do. Your calendar is filled with your dream clients that can't wait to work with you and pay premium prices for their transformation. As a result, your income has doubled over the last few months and you are thinking of booking that trip you have been dreaming of for so long.

Every time your email dings your phone with a new subscriber, you jump around the house because you made it! People believe in you because you believe in yourself.

You are so close to this...

With our Brand 2 Profit Intensive program, you will get the roadmap, tools, accountability, inspiration, and personalized branding to help to build a solid foundation for your business and reach your next level.


Are you ready to show up as the best version of yourself so you can connect with the right people who are already waiting for you?

We thought so… :)

By the end of this program, you will:

✔️ Claim Your Uniqueness

Start with why and show up authentically by aligning who you are with your bigger purpose and how you see the world! Having a clear path forward is the foundation to showing up with confidence and getting your clients to know, like, and trust you. 

✔️ Know what to Say

By becoming crystal clear on whom you serve and what problems you solve we will be creating your messaging ecosystem and signature offer. In 8 weeks from now, you will have a framework for your messaging ecosystem that you can expand going forward to attract the right people.

✔️ Attract Your Dream Clients

Attracting the right clients means speaking to their hearts while offering true transformation. Are you showing up in a way that they want to work with you? This program will not only help you to work on the strategies and tactics but help you to show up and positioning yourself as a heart-centered guide they want to hire.

✔️ Sell with Ease

Selling becomes easy when you have a marketing system and strategy in place that feels aligned. Imagine not being distracted by other people on social media but following your own strategy and enrolling new clients into your program or 1 on 1 service. 



✔️ Build an A-Team

People get excited when they are part of something bigger than themselves. No matter if you're hiring your first Virtual Assistant or you expand your team, with a shared mission and values everyone will be excited to reach the next goal. And your clients will be served with consistency.

✔️ Be More Effective 

Imagine you have your most-used phrases, keywords, key messages, content pieces, fonts, colors, and photo styles in one guide that you can also share with your VA! No more searching and asking! Everything is organized and easily accessible. How much time and headache would it save you!

✔️ Have a Kick-Ass Design 

Having a consistent and professional design that reflects your personality and shows your client's transformation creates trust and connection. By the end of our program, you will have your branding guide to design your website and CANVA templates to show up consistently.

Your Personal Brand Is the Most Effective Way to Build an Engaged Audience of People Who are Willing to Pay Premium Prices for Your Services. 

Unlike other programs, this Brand Intensive is not about learning new content. It’s a holistic framework where we will create a magnetic and authentic brand to position yourself as the FIRST CHOICE for your dream clients and become highly sought after.

We will focus on implementation as we go, so you have real-time results:

  • Developing your personal branding guide based on your vision, values, brand archetype, and unique energy
  • Deep dive into your unique positioning in your market so you truly stand out in  your niche
  • Creating your brand moodboard, color scheme, and design pattern that you can use to update your website 
  • Designing your ready to use social media templates that match your overall consistent look 
  • Creating your Signature Framework so you can sell your service with ease and get known for your "one thing" 
  • Developing your messaging ecosystem so you can create social media content that connects 

Introducing the 7+2 - Week YOUthentic Brand 2 Profit Intensive Bootcamp

Module 1 - Claim Your Uniqueness

We will start by laying out your brand foundation. The first step in the branding process is to gain clarity on where you currently are, where you want to go, and what roadblocks might be in your way.

During this module we will:

  • Identify your north star, vision for your business, and deeper purpose. This is your brand anchor and the reason why you keep going even if times get tough. It’s also the foundation for the emotional deeper connection with your audience. It’s important to work from your Northstar not towards your North Star.
  • Connect with your values and describe why they are important to you, and how they can be translated to your day-to-day business with your clients. 
  • Create your glorious genie: Who do you have to be in order to get where you want to be? Based on your brand archetype, your goals, and your vision, we will create your best version that can achieve anything you want.

Module 2 -  Position to Profit

Every successful entrepreneur has a unique story and perspective. This is your unfair advantage. In this module, we will walk you through the process of creating the positioning strategy that sets you apart from others in your industry.

  • Your unique perspective: What do you stand against in your industry, what do you do differently? What is your unique point of view?
  • Identify your competitors, spot market gaps.
  • Writing your Origin Story: Your struggles, experiences, and successes will help to emotionally connect with the people you want to reach. 

Module 3 -  Align Your Niche

The biggest mistake struggling entrepreneurs make is that they are not specific enough when it comes to describing what they do or they do many different things for many people. In this module, we identify who you want to serve and what solution you offer.

  • Audience deep-dive: Who do you really want to work with? Identifying the struggling avatar and future hero.
  • Identifying your ideal clients and how to connect with them. What do they think, feel, say, dream and hope?
  • Creating your domino statement that clearly communicates what you do and the transformation you create for your clients.

Module 4 - Create Your Signature Framework

Your framework and process are what make your service unique and moves people from understanding to taking action. Your signature framework sets you apart from other people in your niche.

  • Develop and design your signature framework based on the Be Do Have Model.
  • Create the memorable Name of your framework or method.

Module 5 - Master Your Magnetic Message

Your message is what makes people connect with you on a deeper level. This will become your go-to guide and foundation for unlimited content creation. No matter if it’s your sales page, website, or social media.

  • Creating your messaging ecosystem based on your signature framework, values, stories, and unique perspectives. This is your plug and play for 
  • Discover your brand personality: Your brand archetype is a way of presenting your brand as a character. Those have been successfully used in films and books. Knowing your archetype will guide the way you speak, write, visualize and build relationships with your clients. 
  • Identify your unique voice and tone so that people recognize your content because your style and your words stand out as well as your design.

Module 6 - Scroll-Stopping Design

It’s time to bring your brand to life visually. In this module, we will create your brand visuals so that everything you share feels authentic and looks professional. 

  • Create your Visual Branding Guide energetically aligned color scheme, fonts, and photo style so you have your design guidelines available. We will create your mood board and design template suite in CANVA so you have everything you need to create professional and consistent designs.
  • Design your social media graphics like a boss and create amazing visuals (even if you think you are not a designer.)

Module 7 - Create a Converting Marketing Strategy

By now we have created your brand foundation and your offer, now it's time to strategically create your marketing system and get leads without the overwhelm. 

  • Define your next 90 day goals and create a roadmap on how to get there. Identify what key metrics to track to measure success. 
  • Deciding on your lead-generating activities rather than just posting content online.
  • Create a step-by-step system to take your followers from your to become buying clients and ambassadors for your brand. 
  • Create your content strategy based on the messaging ecosystem and offer. Save hours of time and show up youthentically online by implementing the 5-step content strategy and repurposing your content so you don’t have to come up with new ideas every day.

Get These Bonuses When you Sign Up for Brand 2 Profit Intensive

Bonus #1: 

Breakthrough Call with Kerstin

During this 50-minute breakthrough call, we will discover your current roadblocks and challenges so you can hit the ground running when we start the Bootcamp.

Bonus #2:

Guest Expert Yulia Gladysheva [Visual Messaging Coach] 
Create your own Persuasive Photo Content ON THE GO with your PHONE to SELL MORE so you can live a term-free life.


Bonus #3:

Hypno Session with Jenni Morian [Certified Master Hypnotherapist]
TRANSFORM your habits & uplevel beliefs to heal, achieve peace & attract incredible abundance in your life.

Now You Have to Decide...


Do Nothing

You do nothing and try to figure things out on your own. Watch a few more webinars, masterclasses and try some fancy funnels. Trust us; we’ve been there.

But nothing can change if you change nothing.

So the real question is - how much money do you lose every month by not going full in, being YOUthentic, and creating the business of your dreams?

Build Your In-demand Brand

Step into your superpower, feel aligned with what you do, earn what you are worth, and help others with your services!

If you want to create real change in your business and finally show up courageously, then we invite you to join us.


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Find Out What Other Entrepreneurs Have to Say About the Program

Jenni Morian [Certified Master Hypnotherapist]

Jenni has been growing her business organically very successfully.

She joined the Branding Bootcamp because she wants to grow her business but didn't know where to start.

Jenni now feels completely equipped and can build her audience by communicating authentically. 



Patrick Galesloot [Broker & Owner CENTURY 21 Advantage]

Patrick has been running a successful Real Estate Franchise but was getting lost in generic messaging that comes with corporate branding. He signed up for the Bootcamp because they were missing the personal touch that really makes him and his team stand out and unique. “We were focussed on creating an image for the office that wasn't as genuine as it could be. I thought that we had to put on that face. The was the aha moment for me was, that people actually want to know and hear more about me and my family rather than creating a separate identity for the business. Your business and your personal identity, never separate. It’s like Superman and Clark. They are always together. Rather than ‘presenting’ ourselves, we are more focused on just being ourselves. Relaxing and having fun with everything we do, not being afraid to be silly or goofy. Rather than putting forward a polished image that we thought people expected to see vs this is us. ‘This is who we are, I hope you like us’.”

Astrid Teigaas [Negotiation Teacher & Coach]

“I knew what my values are prior to the Brand Intensive, but I didn’t know how to translate that into my brand.”

astridteigaas "Wow - sooo good!! 👏👏 Yes to getting youthentically branded 🔥🔥 Kerstin is THE best Brand coach."

Sounds Great but You Might Have Questions!

Don't be like this couple-preneuer whose names remain unknown...

Collecting courses and masterclasses, looking for the missing piece. Rushing through the programs without going all-in. 

“I don’t have enough time!” becomes a constant excuse. (Or the kids or the dogs or the housework or....)

Here’s what we learned the hard way:

“This time” is rarely different.

(We learned THAT the day we found some 5-year-old notes on where we wanted to go with our business… and realized that, nearly 2,000 days later, we were still in the same place.)


You can’t build a successful brand when you feel that what you’re saying isn’t true. Because your inner self will always “call bullshit.”

And all the best marketing strategies, social media tactics, Facebook ads, and funnels?

They won’t get you anywhere if the key ingredient is missing: YOU.

You don’t need another course. Another program. Another freelancer to do X, Y, or Z.

You need to learn how to feel your energy, connect with your story, and trust that you’re the best person in the universe to help your clients.

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Are you ready to build your brand and charge what you are worth?

Stop spinning around. Stop overworking, undercharging, playing small, and staying hidden. The world needs your genius and they’re willing to pay for it.

RIGHT NOW, more than any time in the history of online business is the BEST TIME to start growing your business.

Here is what you get when you join today: 

Module 1: Claim Your Uniqueness (Value $597)
Module 2: Unique Positioning (Value $597)
Module 3: Nail Your Niche (Value $597)
Module 4: Create Your Signature Framework (Value $597)
Module 5: Master Your Magnetic Message (Value $597)
Module 6: Your Visual Design (Value $597)
Module 7: Create a Converting Marketing Strategy  (Value $597)
Extra Implementation Support: 2 Weeks Office Hours and Hot Seats (Value 597)

These bonuses will not be available in future offers!
Bonus #1:
One-on-one Breakthrough Call with Kerstin (Value $597)

Bonus #2
Guest Expert Yulia Gladysheva [Visual Messaging Coach] 
We are super excited to have Yulia as a guest expert on board. Yulia is the 'Persuasive Images that Sell Coach' who helps entrepreneurs to create their own photos ON THE GO with their PHONE to SELL MORE!  (Value $597)

Bonus #3

Hypno Session with Jenni Morian: Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Mastering your mind and visualizing your success is the first step to achieving it! Jenni will help you to TRANSFORM your habits & uplevel beliefs to heal, achieve peace & attract incredible abundance in your life. (Value $597)

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