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Your Entire Brand in 3 Weeks!

Our MOMENTUM Brand-Intensive is designed for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential fast by working with us 1:1 to create an energetic aligned brand.

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In a world where guru-approved marketing strategies, funnels, automations, and insta-dance-moves have become a commodity it's time to activate your #1 crazy-best-trust-building selling factor: YOU!

Because when everything is comparable it’s your energy and personality that makes the sale. In short, your personal brand.

We build your entire brand, by developing your unique signature offer, brand strategy & messaging ecosystem as well as creating your website, social media assets and branding style guide. You will be able to talk about what you do with joy and unstoppable confidence because you have a kick-ass offer and brand that gets people excited to buy from you. 

“Sounds great” you say, but how does it work?

We help you to get out of your head and create an offer and brand that lights you up!

We build your entire brand 1-on-1 with you, from developing your unique signature offer, brand strategy & messaging ecosystem as well as designing your website and social media assets. You will be able to talk about what you do with joy and unstoppable confidence because you have a kick-ass offer and brand that gets people excited to buy from you. Our transformational Branding Framework combines traditional Branding and Marketing Techniques with the science of Quantum Human Design. We will be using Human Design to uncover and ignite your authentic identity. This creates the foundation to create your authentically aligned brand and website, so you attract the right clients from the get-go!

Step 1: 
Aligned Identity

We start by building your inner brand: Your vision, deeper purpose, values, brand story, brand personality, and unique perspective based on your Human Design. 
This work is the foundation of your brand! 


Step 2: 
Magnetic Messaging

By becoming crystal clear on whom you serve and what problem you solve we will be creating your magnetic messaging ecosystem and signature offer. This is what makes your service unique and move people from understanding to taking action

Step 3: 
Energetic Marketing

It’s time to shine! We create your logo and brand guidelines, build your client-focused and authentic website based on your energetic aligned color scheme, and design ready-to-use social media templates in CANVA for you. Your website will be tailored to your unique needs, focused on making you the #1 choice for your clients. 

It’s time. You are so ready for this!

Does this sound like you?

⭐️ You are really good at what you do and know that your online presence needs to reflect that. Because you attract what you reflect. You want a brand that feels like a magnet to high-ticket clients who are looking for the transformation that you have to offer. Clients who are eager, want results, and are all in. You want a brand that lights you up and makes people say “I want that!”

⭐️ You want to hit the ground running fast! Your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it by learning new tech skills for something you only need once. You rather focus on the tasks that actually make you money and move the needle for you and your team. You know that a professional and authentic brand pays for itself in a matter of weeks. That’s why you hand things off.

⭐️ You value high-quality service and design. And you are looking for an experienced partner that gets what you want and takes the lead. Someone who is able to make the process fun while asking the tough questions that help you to show your true self so you have a brand that feels like you.

⭐️ You want tangible results. Having a victorious brand that emotionally attracts and connects with the right people is THE foundation for lasting success in business. But you also know that you need a system and 3D tools in order to convert leads to paying clients. You want a website and optimized social media presence that converts leads to clients, ready-to-go CANVA templates, and a branding guide so other people can take social media off your plate.

Well if this is you, you are 100% at the right place!

Let's Do This - I'm So in!

This is what entrepreneurs say after working with us:

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From not having an online presence to really defining my audience and having a fresh brand

I really appreciated that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and define who I am as an entrepreneur and really define my audience. I now have a wonderful website and brand that speaks my truth and talks to the people I want to connect with. I can now grow my email list. I really didn’t know how to set this all up or what tools were available. They have it all done for me.  I am just thrilled. 

Myla Trenchuk | Mindset and Success Coach


From DIY website overwhelmed to feeling confident and having a really professional version of me online

Kerstin really helped me shift my focus from “this website is about me to this website is about my clients”. She just came at it with a really strong understanding of marketing and helped me tailor my writing, my questions, and the content so that my client feel well served. I feel confident now and my business has now legitimacy. If someone is looking for me online they will find a really professional version of me.

Tanya Collard | Clarity Art Consulting

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image
From feeling stuck and wasting money to having an offer focused website and excellent customer experience

I finally feel understood. Previous designers made conclusions. I wish I would have hired HeuerDesign sooner because it would have probably saved me $100,000 on website costs. I now have an offer-focused website and excellent customer experience. They go through all the right steps at the right time and it really speaks to them.

Marie Gervais | Shift Management

"I needed a website and branding very quickly! I mean very quickly! What I received was a fantastic website and campaign materials for the municipal elections. Having such a professional website, brand, and campaign materials gave my campaign a strong first impression. It gave me the confidence to know that I had such a great foundation. 

I was elected! Without a good brand and campaign tools, I may not have been successful. My biggest fear was that you wouldn't have time to fit me in within the tight timelines. I feel that through your questions and encouragement you were able to get me to show my true self. You were easy to work with and you were clear on what you could deliver. Your energy levels complement each other so nicely. Great enthusiasm and energy coupled with calm and confidence. 

I got a "look" or a brand that I felt good about. A campaign with a good foundation. I felt so well supported by both of you. You helped me solve some problems and got me up and running very fast."

Cindy Jefferies | City of Red Deer - City Councillor


"We had to create a website in lieu of holding a public meeting due to COVID protocols. We got the website and it was very well done under very tight time constraints. My dear friend Susan Knopp recommended Kerstin. So we had no concerns working with her and Dirk! A Susan Knopp recommendation is gold! I really appreciated that they listened carefully to what we wanted and were able to translate it into results. Genuine, creative, and dedicated. We got what we wanted, on time, and on budget! They are great to work with. I guess the greatest thing working with them might be that Kerstin 'got it' - sometimes you can work with a person that doesn't!"

Terry Myers | President of Terrimer Holdings

Let's do this! 

It’s time to turn your expertise into profit so you can create a life of abundance. For you and your clients.

Investment for your 1-on-1 Service starts at $US 12,999.


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