Unlock Your Unique Marketing Blueprint Based On Your Human Design

Congratulations on your decision to book your Break-Through clarity session!

This might be the best investment you have ever made for yourself and your business. During this call, you will get instant clarity on your messaging, marketing strategy, and bigger purpose. We will be using Human Design to uncover and ignite your authentic identity by focusing on your Communication, Identity,  Self Worth, and Emotions. This creates the foundation to apply the 3D Branding and Marketing Frameworks to implement a sustainable and authentic strategy that works for you. We will identify where you are in alignment with your current message and offer. You will leave the session inspired with takeaways that you can immediately put into action.

Furthermore, this session will help you to have a better understanding of yourself and clarity around areas in your life and business. You will have a greater awareness of how you are uniquely designed to make decisions, communicate, connect with your purpose, and your unique way to market your business.

You will leave the session inspired with action items that you can realize right away.

  • 1.5-hour session hosted on ZOOM
  • Recording of the session to keep
  • 1-week email support after the session
  • Review of your online presence
  • Next steps and recommendations for building your brand and marketing strategy

After you have successfully selected your date & time you will be asked to provide a payment of $222 US by Credit Card.
You will then receive a confirmation for your booked session.

If you decide to go forward with our MOMENTUM Brand-Intensive 1-on1 program we will credit the investment of this Brand Kickstart session. 

The not-so-fine-print: If you need to reschedule please let us know 24 hours in advance. If you're late or no-show for an appointment, you'll still be charged in full.
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What others said after they Unlocked the session:

"From blending in to standing out"

"I have tried EVERYTHING! I have done so many different courses but critically I now see that I wasn't being successful because I was trying to be what everyone else was and therefore was blending in. What was most exciting was the way my messaging (which had been lacking) just hit me in the face.  I already had a niche but the clarity came around how I am sharing this with the audience. It was like a lightbulb going off and helping me see that I can stand out and that it's not hard."

 Victoria Brennan, Live Coach




"The session confirmed that nurturing/supporting is truly one of my biggest gifts - and this is the energy that I should lead with my messaging and visuals for my brand. Highly recommend this session! I had a lot of fun learning more about the essence of my brand and what I should really focus on in my marketing. Kerstin provided me with even more information and golden nuggets than I expected! You will likely walk away with multiple "aha's" with regards to your business, yourself, or your brand!

 Alina Nikishina, Business Hypno-Coach


“Opportunity for deep reflection!”

"The breakthrough session has made me think more about my offer and what it really could be as opposed to what ideas I have now. It has made me see ways to expand the offer in a more spirit-focused way. I was surprised by the accuracy of the purpose gate and the spirit part was like speaking directly to what I am trying to achieve with my work.

I will be sitting down to really craft and sharpen an offer based on the little bit of amazing insight I got from my Human Design chart. This has created an opportunity for deep reflection and that is good!  This was very eye-opening."

Anthony Rios

“I now have a marketing strategy for me that feels authentic and - most importantly - doable”

"When I booked the Human Design session, I had already honed in on my brand. But I wasn't clear about my marketing strategy. 

In the session, my chart described mind-blowingly correctly what I am already doing in my business. It felt very affirming to hear that I'm on the right path. Then Kerstin laid out a marketing strategy for me that feels authentic and - most importantly - doable. I will no longer waste time trying to beat myself into stressful launches and cold outreach. Thank you! "

Ingrid Lill