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Create your authentically aligned brand based on your unique Human Design blueprint so you can book out your services and offers every month with ease!

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The only branding program that helps entrepreneurs to become irresistible client magnets by unlocking and implementing their unique Marketing Blueprint based on their Human Design.

Why your marketing isn’t working, despite everything you’re doing.

After working for over 20 years in the marketing and branding space, we have noticed that most service-based entrepreneurs, like coaches, consultants, and course creators are focusing on trying to fix the wrong problems to grow their business.

While most entrepreneurs think they have a sales or a marketing problem (not having enough followers on social media, not getting enough new client inquiries, or closing enough sales calls) — what they’re missing is the MOST IMPORTANT step that comes before anything else:

The Authentically Aligned Way to communicate your offers & services.

Which of these statements apply to you?

You have taken and re-taken 'nail your niche' programs to help clarify the offer and messaging and hired a business coach to get you profitable results and sales! But you still don't reach the right people.

You constantly feel like you need to learn one more thing, so you read and subscribe to everything you can get your hands on and you stay in a constant state of learning rather than executing.

You are investing a lot of time trying to apply someone’s else marketing and messaging strategies, or you tried too many different strategies at once which left you feeling drained and tired.

You have posted on social without any strategy behind the content - just posting whatever inspires you. You find it hard to figure out what you *should* be posting based on algorithms or social media selling methodologies. 

You are frustrated because you literally tried everything and wonder why things don’t work out for you.

You have many ideas, and you constantly change, restructure, and rephrase what you deliver. You are not sure who you are here to serve precisely, what your purpose is and how to bring it into the world to respond to the need you came here to fulfill.

You are afraid of putting yourself out there and feel frustrated that you haven't made the income you desire. 

Here is the truth:

You can’t attract the right people with ease if you don’t know who you are BEing on an identity level and are not aligned with who you truly are!

In fact, it is most likely the reason why your marketing has been feeling draining, didn’t bring you the results you were hoping for, or even worse kept you from showing up at all. 

An authentically aligned brand and marketing strategy based on your Human Design changes the trajectory of your business. It helps you to:

  • Become an irresistible client magnet by focusing on your positioning and showing up authentically 
  • Have an inner understanding of yourself and clearly see the next steps that are important for you 
  • Feel empowered and confident by knowing your unique strength and how to use your energy best
  • Work only with clients who value your work and are willing to pay for your service
  • Save time by focusing on what you are naturally designed to do rather than trying other people's strategies and tactics 
  • Create a business model that works for you and have more fun focusing on the things that light you up 
  • Become the CEO of your business and build a kick-ass team that compliments your strength based on your Human Design
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95% of Purchasing Decisions are Subconscious. Becoming a client magnet happens on an emotional level. The more you are aligned with your true self, the more people you will attract. 

What’s going to happen to your business If you DON’T work from your unique identity and Human Design Blueprint?

Not operating from your unique identity has a ripple effect on everything you put out in your business: your message, your offer, your strategy, and your tactics - and your sales!

  • People don’t buy what you do but why you do it: An unclear and not aligned brand makes it hard for clients to make you the first choice because they don’t know what you stand for and why you are the best solution for their problem… An authentically aligned brand builds trust and emotional connection that leads to a sustainable client relationship and skyrockets your sales.
  • An unclear and not aligned brand triggers self-doubt, and procrastination and might lead to underpricing your services whenever you try to market your business… An authentic aligned brand instills confidence, joy, and drives inspired action while getting paid for the value you provide.
  • An unclear and not aligned brand hides all of your gifts & talents... An aligned brand based on your unique Human Design blueprint makes you magnetic & irresistible to the people who are meant to work with you. 
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Meet Nancy Gilette

"If you have an inner voice that's poking you... it's time to listen and to create the life you want! It's not about your ego. It's about being of service and manifesting your transformation. The “Brand-2-Profit Intensive” Process and Kerstin’s guidance have helped me to receive clarity in my offer and confidence in my message to expand my business.” Nancy just announced her new program and received 3 inquiries within 24 hours. Without even having a sales page up. We are so excited to continue to cheer her on!


How would your business change if you could...

  • Share unique content so that the right people can't wait to give you their credit card
  • Have a voice for your business that is aligned and magnetic

  • Refine your products/services to the ones you do best (your zone of genius) and are the most profitable.

  • Have the courage to only work in your zone of genius, and be able to say no to work that is draining and unprofitable.
  • Work with ease, develop great relationships with your clients, and have more speaking engagements.

  • Develop a simple and fun marketing strategy that you can rinse/repeat that brings in consistent new clients.

  • Spend less time working on your business and more time simply chilling and enjoying other things in life!!! Time for a real vacation, time with family or just to read a book for fun without feeling guilty that I should be working instead  

Introducing 'Brand-2-Profit Intensive'

Create your authentically aligned brand based on your unique Human Design and become magnetic to your ideal clients, so you can book out your services and offers every month.

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Module 1:

Decode your Brand Identity

Master the energetics of marketing and unleash the power of your unique Human Design so you become a client magnet to the people who are designed to work with you. In this module, we will build a rock-solid foundation for your business by nailing your brand fundamentals. 

  • Identify your soul-aligned message, brand personality, and purpose based on your Human Design
  • Describe your bigger vision and the ripple effect of your work 
  • Discover the core of your own magnetism by deep diving into your Identity Centre

Module 2:

Position to Profit

Learn how to communicate the value of your offers so that people line up to work with you. During this phase, we will create your positioning strategy that is aligned with your Authentic Identity. We do this by focussing on what makes you unique so you can shine your light while lifting others.  

  • Identify your unique perspective, values, beliefs, and vision and why you are the first choice for your soul-aligned clients
  • Learn how to write your personal Brand Story 
  • Transform your personal journey into a masterpiece to deeply connect with your soul-aligned client

Module 3:

Your Soul-Aligned Client

During this module, we will identify what clients you really want to work with. Understand what your clients really want and how exactly you help them.  

  • Audience deep dive and market research. Who do you really want to work with? How to identify your ideal client and connect with them on a deeper level.
  • Identifying the struggling avatar and future hero and the transformation that you offer, including your tangible solutions
  • Refine your next level niche and why you are the first choice 

Module 4:

Aligned Signature Offer

Your signature offer and framework is one of the 4 angles of soul-aligned brand badassery that you will learn and implement in our program. Your branded framework and processes are what make your service unique and move people from understanding to taking action because your offer is irresistible. This can be 1-1, Group Program, or Productized Offer.

  • Learn how to utilize your superpowers (Human Design Energy Centres)
  • Design your ascension model, irresistible offer, and step-by-step framework
  • Describe your process and transformations by using phrases that speak to your client’s heart and soul
  • Find out how to align your energy with your offer and pricing

Module 5:

Magnetic Messaging Ecosystem

Uncover the secret to becoming magnetic in your content by using your unique Human Design profile as well as the Energetics of Marketing. Learn how to share your message in a way that people can feel your energy even though you are not in the same room. 

  • Identify your unique tone, voice, and phrases that are authentic to you: Are you playful, formal, casual, or informative? 
  • Craft your key messages that are aligned with your Human Design soul message (elevator pitch and follow up statements that explain your service) 
  • Create your content pillars based on your offer framework and never wonder what to post again

Module 6:

Design to Attract Your Soul Aligned Clients

Your visual design is the only way to show the transformation that your clients will have when you work with them. At the same time, it makes you feel like $1 Mio. And that raises your own vibration and self-worth. Your authentic aligned visual brand helps your potential clients to create the emotional connection with you. It makes people want to read what you have to offer and it positions you as an authority in your industry. If you want to sell a high ticket offer, your design must look accordingly.

  • Create your visual style guide including your energetically aligned color scheme, fonts, and photo style.
  • Creation of mood board and choose design patterns so you have everything ready to turn your website into a wealth machine
  • Set up CANVA templates to increase engagement on social media

Module 7:

Energetic Marketing Engine

Posting wildly on social media and hoping for the best is not a sustainable marketing strategy. It’s draining and will burn you out at one point. With 25 years of experience in the industry, we know for sure that there is more than just one strategy. Let’s find out what is yours. 

  • Your aligned Marketing Strategy so you feel in flow and use your superpowers
  • How to generate leads by attracting without the hustle according to your Human Design type and strategy 
  • Master communicating your value with confidence so you can get paid what you’re worth

Enroll in Brand-2-Profit Intensive and Receive your 8 Exclusive Abundance Activating Bonuses worth $4,076

The 7 main modules of Brand-2-Profit Intensive will completely transform the way you approach your business. But that’s only the beginning. When you join Brand-2-Profit Intensive you will also get 8 exclusive abundance activating bonuses to make your progress even faster and reach your success even easier!

Special Bonus #1

1-on-1 Human Design Breakthrough Alignment Session

This is a 50-minute personal breakthrough call, where we will discover your current roadblocks and challenges so you can hit the ground running when we start the Brand Intensive. 

  • Deep dive into your Human Design Type
  • What are the challenges and pitfalls of not living true to your type and how to avoid them
  • Find out how to market yourself according to your Human Design type and strategy
  • We will uncover your aligned purpose and soul message 

[Value $597]

How to Use Your Emotions to Grow a Magnetic Business

[Recorded Masterclass] By Andrea Niño de Guzman 

This is a Masterclass where we dive deep into the G-Center and discover how to leverage its power to attract the right clients and opportunities your way.  We will go over the strengths of the defined and undefined center, the key learning opportunities of each of the gates when it comes to growing your business, and you will receive 9 affirmations to help you stay connected to your Highest Self as you grow your Magnetic Business

"I am Andrea Niño de Guzman,  6/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator, and a Transformation Catalyst.

After 15+ years in the corporate sector running two 8-figure businesses, I left corporate life in 2019 to focus exclusively on personal transformation, which is my passion. Her place of service is to help Hiding Entrepreneurs become Rising Soulpreneurs by building an abundant and aligned business from the inside out. I am a professional certified Life and Neuro Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a board-certified Hypnosis Consultant, Energy Healer, and Quantum Human Design Level III Specialist."

[Value $597]



5 Powerful Manifestation Practices to Attract Anything In Life

[Live Masterclass] By Trupti Karjinni

In this training Trupti will share practical methods and simple rituals that she uses daily to manifest astonishing things like being invited to be a TEDx Speaker, collabs with fellow industry leaders, effortless income, and more.

Known in the spiritual and business circles as a Master Manifestor, Trupti Karjinni is an artist, coach, and a successful multi 6-figure business owner who has cracked the code to manifest large and small things daily in her life.

Her practical tips have helped her clients manifest everything from business success, to new jobs, new cards, overseas work, and a lot more.

[Value $597]


Turn Your Images into a Marketing Tool to Increase Your Sales

[Recorded Masterclass] By Yulia Gladysheva

A 60-min masterclass to show a different approach to business images to organically grow your business. Yulia cracked the code on how to bring Sales Psychology into business images so entrepreneurs can use their photos as visual magnets to attract the right clients.  

When you understand how images work, you can use them intentionally to:

  • target your market,
  • talk to your audience's identity,
  • talk to your audience's desired identity,
  • build rapport,
  • position yourself as an authority,
  • show social proof,
  • engage your prospect's imagination and
  • show them the transformation your brand promises.

Yulia is a former documentary photographer turned Visual Messaging Coach For Organic Growth, specializing in persuasive images. Her photography path started with Family and Wedding Photography. At some point, she changed her direction and dove into Branding Photography. She discovered that the idea of branding photography is great, but it can't work without Sales Psychology.  

[Value $597]



The Perfect Email Script/ Swipe Files

Building relationships is all about building connections. Get our email 20 Email swipe files that you can use to use to increase your sales. Includes our 5 Style Email Grid System, 16 Ask Email templates, promote email templates, result emails, testimonial story emails, problem stuck emails and super signature framework.

[Value $297]


Social Media Templates

Get our professionally designed social media templates to grow your social media platforms and build connections. Includes 20 different customizable CANVA templates: Quote templates, cover templates, 10-page Caroussel slides, back templates. 

[Value $197]


Persuasive Language Patterns/ Scripts/ Swipe Files

Get our swipe file with 28 Language Patterns that help you immediatelyto connect on a subconscious level with your soul-aligned clients. The Neurolinguistic language patterns will help your clients to overcome doubts and beliefs while you can without sounding sleezy. Using the language patterns in your post, conversations, and sales page will help you to increase conversastions and sales. (For example: The power of now, truism, future pacing, play to identify, and thought reversal).

[Value $197]


Mini-Course + Website/ Sales Page Framework

Get our proven framework to upgrade your website to an abundant wealth machine. After going through our program you have all the ingredients to create a new online presence that helps you magnetically attract your soul-aligned clients. 

  • In this mini-program, we will show you step-by-step how to create your new online presence.
  • Magnetic Content Framework 
  • Design that connects (how to design the sections of your website even if you don’t know how to design)
  • Use our CANVA templates

[Value $997]

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Don't take our words for granted:
This is what clients say after working with us!

"From blending in to standing out"

"I have tried EVERYTHING! I have done so many different courses but critically I now see that I wasn't being successful because I was trying to be what everyone else was and therefore was blending in. What was most exciting was the way my messaging (which had been lacking) just hit me in the face.  I already had a niche but the clarity came around how I am sharing this with the audience. It was like a lightbulb going off and helping me see that I can stand out and that it's not hard."

 Victoria Brennan, Live Coach


"From presenting a Corporate Image to being ourselves"

“Your business and your personal identity, they never separate. It’s like Superman and Clark. They are always together. Rather than ‘presenting’ ourselves, we are now more focused on just being ourselves. Relaxing and having fun with everything we do, not being afraid to be silly or goofy. Rather than putting forward a polished image that we thought people expected to see vs "this is us. This is who we are, I hope you like us".

Patrick Galesloot, Real Estate Broker 

"Now I feel completely equipped!"

“I have been growing my business organically but I wanted to reach more people and I didn’t know where to start. I now feel completely equipped to go out. I have a guide and a map and a strategy to reach my dream clients.”

Jenni Morian, Certified Hypnotist


Here are some of the #AHA moments after our 3-Day Live Masterclass.
Imagine what's possible for you just after 8 weeks!

I Want My Transformation Now!

Creating a Soul-Aligned Brand Message - Example

Creating a soul-aligned brand message is the focus of Module 1 in the "Brand-2-Profit Intensive". Nancy helps parents guide their children and teens with autism so that they become regulated, confident, and independent learners. After working with parents for over 20 years, Nancy knew that she was ready to expand her services, but she didn’t know how. Her soul message and knowing her purpose helped her to finally have the courage to transform her business and help more parents with her services. 

Gate 35 QHD Experience
To partake in the right experience and to share your knowledge from the experience for the sake of changing the story of what’s possible in the world.

Gene Keys: Wormholes and Miracles
Gift: Adventure; Shadow: Hunger
The 35th gift is the only place within all human DNA where human beings have a choice in how their reality is constructed!

Why is this program so effective?

This transformational Branding Program combines traditional Branding and Marketing Techniques with the science of Quantum Human Design. We will be using Human Design to uncover and ignite your authentic identity. We will be focusing on your Communication, Identity,  Self Worth, and Emotions. This creates the foundation to apply the 3D Branding and Marketing Frameworks to implement a sustainable and authentic strategy that works for you.

1. Your unique Human Design

You are happiest, most abundant, and magnetic when you are in alignment with your Authentic Self. Your unique energetic blueprint (Human Design) is your personal map to be yourself! During our program, we will ignite your superpowers aka energy centres. We will focus on:

  • Self Love, Direction, Empowerment
  • Manifestation, Speaking, Doing
  • Value, Self Worth, Money
  • Authentic Expression, Passion, Emotional Connection

2. Fun and Effective Process

Imagine you had a creative agency in your pocket and you can brainstorm your ideas and strategies and get instant feedback. How much faster could you move forward when you have access to multiple superpowers. During the program, we will unleash the power of the collective mind by utilizing small group Think Tanks to get you results faster.

  • Weekly live coaching with a mini-meditation to calm energy and bring mindfulness before diving into the topic
  • Weekly Think Tank Calls with Program Participants
  • Coaching and Collaborating in private FB Group
  • Step-by-step systems, frameworks, templates, checklists

3. Community & Guest Speaker

A rising tide lifts all boats! We are on a mission to build a community of like-minded and caring people who support each other. Being an entrepreneur can be stressful and overwhelming. We are here to guide you and provide you with emotional support to move forward.  Being surrounded by like-minded people and hearing different perspectives on similar problems is already half the success. 

We are so excited to bring some of the best experts in the field of Human Design, Manifestation, and Personal Brand Photography to you. With enrollment, you will get 4 additional Masterclasses that are carefully designed to align with the modules of our program.

I'm So Ready For This!

Reality Check - Who Are You?


Overwhelmed & Drained Suzy

  • Follows proven expert strategies and newest tactics but feels drained
  • Social media feels forced and posting feels like “Talking to a brick wall” without any real results.
  • Watches other people in her industry and is wondering why they have figured it out
  • Niched down but it doesn’t help to get her message across and reach the right clients
  • Postpones her next bold move to the next day and feels frustrated about not following through and trusting her own promise.

Authentically Aligned Amy

  • Free from pressure to create only one offer, or follow proven expert strategies
  • Feels in flow with herself, business is fun and she gives herself permission to be herself
  • Magnetically attracting clients because she shares her soul-aligned message and her marketing is aligned with her inner authority and strategy
  • Shows up with JOY because she feels aligned with what she does, what she offers, and how she communicates what she does
  • Is courageous and feels confident because her mission is bigger than the little voice in her head that wants to keep her safe

If you feel more like Suzy we will help you to become more like Amy!

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your business?

You might have been wearing yourself out trying to be what you are not designed for. Truth is that your magnetism comes when you share your message from your heart, not from your head. And that can only happen when you feel aligned with your true self. 

You might be preventing yourself from aligning with your ideal client because of self doubt and fear of not being seen as "master in your field" even though you might already have several years of experience. Having clarity on your brand message and purpose based on your Human Design helps you to show up authentically because you KNOW what you are here to do.

Yes, I am Ready!

Who is this Program for and how to know if it's right for you?


This is for you if:

  • You want to grow your business, your income, and impact in a way that feels right to you.
  • You don't want to waste your time with strategies and tactics that are not aligned with who you are, drain your energy, and don’t attract the right clients. 
  • You are looking for fulfillment and a deeper connection with your true self.
  • You have integrity, care about your clients, and know that you are making a real difference in the world.
  • You are motivated by impact for the greater good, not just by money.
  • You desire expansion for yourself AND your clients. You want to discover who you truly are on a deeper level.
  • Emerging or established entrepreneur (coach, consultant, creative entrepreneur, course creator, personal brand) ready to create a solid foundation or reach the next level in your business.
This Is Me!


This is not for you if:

  • You don’t understand the importance of authentic branding and marketing.
  • You are not interested in joining a group of passionate entrepreneurs who want to increase their revenue by applying their unique Human Design blueprint.
  • You believe that hard work and hustling are the only way to business success.
  • You don’t want to invest in the next level of your business growth. 
  • You want a quick fix to your marketing and make quick money.
  • You are not interested in infusing Human Design into your marketing strategy.

Aligned Focus

"It's not about learning how to read your HD chart; it's about how you can use the chart to uniquely position yourself in the market"

Now you have to choices:


Do Nothing

You do nothing and try to figure things out on your own. Watch a few more webinars, and masterclasses and try some new trends. We fell for that trap many times. Trust us, we have been there.  

🤔Nothing can change if you change nothing.

So the real question is - how much money do you lose every month by not going full in, creating your aligned and authentic brand, and creating the business of your dreams?

Become A Client Magnet

Imagine you would have the courage to only work in your zone of genius, and be able to say no to work that is draining and unprofitable. Imagine you attract clients with ease and develop great relationships that lead naturally in booked out offers and services every month.

How fulfilled would you feel and how many more people could you help? 
What could you do when you reach your monthly income goal of 10K, 20K or more? 
What would financial freedom mean to you?

If this is you, we would love to work with you!

Yes, That’s Me!

Let's Get The Party Started!

Program starts on June 13th with Breakthrough Calls - Program ends on August 18th, 2022
Coaching calls (starting June 21st): Tuesdays @ 9 am MST| Think Tank Calls: Thursdays @ 1 pm MST

Enroll with the payment plan that works best for you:

Full - PaymentPayment Plan | VIP - Full Payment | VIP Payment Plan

You Will Have Access To The Lifetime Of This Program.

👉 Registration closes on June 15th, 2022 @ 11:55 pm

Brand-2-Profit Intensive
Full Payment

8-Week Small-Group Program
7 Modules 
8 Bonuses
2 Calls/ Week

[Value: $11,150]
Save 15%
$2,997 US

Full Payment

Brand-2-Profit Intensive
Payment Plan

8-Week Small-Group Program
7 Modules 
+ 8 Bonuses
2 Calls/ Week

[Value: $11,150]
3x $1,149 US

Payment Plan

VIP Brand-2-Profit Intensive
Full Payment

Limited to 3 Enrollments

8-Week Program
7 Modules 
+ 8 Bonuses
2 Calls/ Week

+ 2x additional 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
+ Done-For-You Visual Design Suite: Module #6

[Value: $12,550]
Save 15%

$3,997 US 

VIP - Full Payment

VIP Brand-2-Profit Intensive
Payment Plan

Limited to 3 Enrollments

8-Week Program
7 Modules 
8 Bonuses
2 Calls/ Week

+ 2x additional 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
+ Done-For-You Visual Design Suite: Module #6

[Value: $12,550]
3x $1,533 US

VIP - Payment Plan

Want to fast-track your success?
Work with us 1-on-1.

We create your entire Brand in 4 Weeks for you!
Our Brand-2-Profit Intensive 1-on-1 is designed for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential fast by working with us 1-on-1 to create an energetic aligned brand. 
Only 1 spot available! Starts at $7,000.

Includes everything from program modules PLUS done-for-you logo, brand guidelines & website build.

Book a friendly chat!

We've got a rock-solid, 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our program is 100% RISK-FREE for you.

If you feel like you don't get the value from our program, email the YOUthentic Branding support team ([email protected]) any time within 30 days of the program's start.
You show us you actually did the work, completed the first two modules, assignments and attended our Live Coaching & Think Tank calls, and we'll happily refund your full payment.

The best part is: If you think there's a 'slight chance' our program can work for you, you should enroll today.

Because you can try the material and participate in the live calls, watch the replays in your own time, and see if it's right for you over the next 30 days.
No guesswork needed. Use the resources, and see for yourself. 😊

Questions You May Have

Before you decide to invest in your future authentic business you might have some questions about our program.

Still have questions? Send us a message and let us know what’s holding you back.

Let's find out if the Brand-2-Profit Intensive program is the right fit for you. 
Ask Your Question Now

Hey, nice to meet you! :)

In case we haven't met yet... We are Kerstin and Dirk, 6/2 and 5/1 Manifesting Generators. We help unseen entrepreneurs to become magnetic soulpreneurs. 

After over 20 years as creative agency owners and entrepreneurs, we know for a fact that we can no longer do business the way it was traditionally taught. We are shifting as a society and therefore we as business owners and leaders need to shift too.  

Over the last couple of years we have tried it all: marketing funnels, proven strategies, signature programs, Facebook Ads, Dancing, podcasting, we niched down, we niched up. We didn’t understand why our strategies didn’t bring the success we were looking for.

At one point we realized: We were only applying tools, tactics, and strategies. And without our unique energy, joy, and authenticity we were blending in just like anybody else. 

The moment we discovered Human Design and started living our lives more in alignment with our unique blueprint, things started to change. Marketing feels easy and fun and clients magically show up because we were no longer hiding who we truly are and what we are here to share with the world. 

Instead of having sales conversations, we connect on a deeper level helping people which naturally leads to more sales, and text messages like this:  "This feels so aligned, I am very excited to begin. Could you also send me an invoice please, so I can make the payment!" This can be you, too!

We are so excited to share with you how you can simplify your marketing and build a business that brings you joy so you can do quantum leaps in your business. 

Kerstin & Dirk
Quantum Design Level II Certified
Certified NLP Practitioner
Branding and Marketing Strategists

Yes, I want to work with you!